Trident Case for iPad mini ~ Product Review

by Dawn Oaks on May 21, 2014

This past December, our family purchased an iPad mini. The versatility of what this little device could do was so exciting, but we were also afraid to take it out and about. What if it dropped or the screen was hit hard and cracked? We knew we needed a case of some sort to protect it. Our concern was in limiting our access to the camera that was a big part of why we purchased it in the first place. Excitement grew as we found out that we would be receiving a case from Trident Case to review and test out. We received the the Kraken A.M.S Case for the iPad Mini 2.

The Product:

For this review, we received a Trident A.M.S. Case for our Apple iPad Mini 2. This case is made of a hardened bio-enhanced polycarbonate shell with a silicone lining that acts as a shock absorber against bumps and drops. There is a built-in screen protector. Silicon plugs around the outside edge of the case help to protect power jacks, audio-jacks, and speakers without limiting accessibility. Dust filters are also present for additional protection. The company advertises that this case has been Military Tested for its strength and durability with regard to drops, vibration, dust, sand and rain as qualified by an outside tester. A patent is pending on the enhanced audio technology that will throw the sound to the front of the device for better quality audio.

This device is available in black, gray, neon blue, neon green, hot pink, and white. It sells for a retail price of $59.95 on the vendor’s website.

Our Thoughts:

When our case arrived, everyone was so excited. I was excited to see if it would provide the protection I hoped it would, while the kids were ecstatic that it was neon blue and looked cool. There were clear directions included for how to put the case on our device and off we went.

Our testing did not include dropping it off the top of the car, throwing it down the stairs, or leaving it out in the rain. However, our iPad has seen more action since getting the Trident Case than before we had it. Why?Because I truly do feel it is well protected. You can sense the sturdiness by the weight of the case and how it feels in your hand. The thickness of the silicone interior gives evidence to its shock absorbing ability which helps mom to not cringe as much if it is bumped into the wall or slides off the coffee table.

Some other things we have found about the Trident Case are:

  • The design of the case really does enhance the audio rather than muffle it. There are many times that the kids want to watch videos or listen to music on the iPad now rather than their laptops or MP3 players.
  • The screen protector has protected our screen from all damage while not minimizing the sensitivity of the touch screen.
  • All of the ports are covered by silicone plugs that are easy to insert as well as remove when needed. I have seen no wear on these plugs starting to tether or come apart from the device.
  • The case is well molded to not affect picture quality or the accessibility of the camera.

A final big plus for our family is that the Trident Cases are crafted in the USA.

All in all, our family has been very pleased with our Trident Case. We would especially recommend it for families with young children so the whole family can enjoy their device without as much concern with breakage. The price of $59.95 seems a bit higher than what we would typically pay for a cover, but the durability and technology used in this one makes us thankful for it. If you should decide to order a case, be sure to match up the specific model with your device and its generation. Trident offers many products which are all specially molded to snugly fit each model it is made for.

As always, check our what our Crewmates have to say about their experience with Trident Cases for not only the iPad mini, but also other Apple Devices, the Kindle Fire, and Samsung Galaxy Models.

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