Helping Your Child be an Essay Rock Star

by Dawn Oaks on October 10, 2014

My daughter and I just recently had an opportunity to try out the online writing courses offered through Fortuigence.  Our time during this review period was devoted to working through the Essay Rock Star Expository Essay Writing Course and are anxious to share with you our experience. What We Received: During this product review, we […]


Fix It! Grammar ~ Product Review

by Dawn Oaks on October 1, 2014

We recently began using the Fix It! Grammar program from the Institute for Excellence in Writing with our oldest daughter who is preparing diligently for her college entrance exams. Because Fix It! Grammar is a complete Grammar program, we thought it would be a wonderful way to review for the English section of the ACT […]


Transforming Your Day in Just 7 Minutes

by Dawn Oaks on September 17, 2014

There are some products that I review that writing the review feels is challenging. That is not the case with the 7 Minute Life Daily Planner published by the 7 Minute Life organization. I am really excited to share how life changing this resource can be whether you are a business executive, blogger, or stay at […]


Adding Audio Drama into Your Schoolday

by Dawn Oaks on September 10, 2014

Classic “living” literature gets a big thumbs up from our family. When you add in the sound effects and tonal inflections that are possible through audio drama, it takes something great and catapults it into the sphere of fabulous. This was exactly our experience as we had the opportunity to review Under Drake’s Flag produced by Heirloom […]


When Life Just Gets in the Way

by Dawn Oaks on August 25, 2014

Life just sometimes gets in the way.  You all know what I mean, but when you step back and really think about that statement it almost seems ridiculous.  But we have all been there. We can spend hours planning and strategizing about how life is supposed to be.  As soon as circumstances outside of our […]


Shakespeare Studies in Your Homeschool

by Dawn Oaks on August 1, 2014

 One of the joys of serving on The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew is being able to get introduced to new publishers of homeschool curriculum that I may have never run into otherwise.  In the past, I have seen resources from Hewitt Homeschooling advertised, especially the various Lightning Literature and Composition courses for the high school grades. […]


The Eternal Argument ~ Product Review

by Dawn Oaks on July 31, 2014

  Over the years of homeschooling our children, I have come to realize that a true study of literature goes beyond just reading the book.  I guess I always knew this, but like most things it does not really hit home until you begin to teach it.  We recently read and are now posting a […]


Learning in the Summer

by Dawn Oaks on July 22, 2014

Learning takes a different look around the farm in the summer months.  There is a lot of hands-on learning as we all do a lot of work outside in our gardens and expanding fencing. We have also been busy raising extra meat chickens while the weather is more favorable.  Raising chickens is not only an […]

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In honor of the release of Diana Waring’s newest Exploring History Through Music, she and some of her friends have organized this great giveaway that you will not want to miss out on.  This new curriculum package will be available for purchase by July 1st.  It is a wonderful survey of the early days of American History. […]

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We Choose Virtues ~ Product Review

by Dawn Oaks on June 12, 2014

Our latest review comes from We Choose Virtues.  When I first heard that we would be reviewing their products, my thoughts went back to when we were young parents.  Our commitment was that all of our parenting both in encouragement and discipline would be based on virtues.  Well, we have not always been consistent, but […]