Soap Making at the Double O

by Dawn Oaks on May 11, 2013

Today was soap making day on the farm. In years past, we have enjoyed as a family and also made available to our customers a wide variety of soaps. Each of the soaps that we make is a cold processed blend of natural oils, milk, lye, and essential oils.

Our most sought after soap is our Mosquito Run. Mosquito Run has special essential oils included in the recipe that act as natural bug repellents. In the 6 years that we have made this soap, our family has been free of bug bites simply by using Mosquito Run whenever we normally shower. No worries for this momma about harmful chemicals like DEET having an adverse reaction on my kiddos long term health. Whenever we can do something effectively without the use of chemicals or synthetics agents, it seems like a no-brainer to move ahead in that direction.


This small batch of soap will go through a process of saponifying in the mold for 24-48 hours. Saponifying is when the soap goes from a thick pudding consistency to a solid bar of soap. After this 48 hour period, the bars will be removed from the molds and placed on a rack to cure for about a month. This curing process allows the soap to dry a bit and hardened. Many of the soaps that are purchased in stores today are not cured. The hardening of the soap accomplishes two very practical things. First, if your child or grandchild should happen to drop the bar in the tub, it will not dissolve in 5 minutes. Second, there is a lot less soap scum that builds up on the walls of your shower or tub, which means less cleaning and scrubbing time.

What fragrance or type of soap do you like? How about a Cucumber Melon facial scrub with organic oatmeal as the exfoliator? An old fashioned cornmeal abrasive soap that works fantastic for gardeners and those that come in contact with oil doing car repairs? Maybe just a wonderful seasonal smelling soap like watermelon or peach?

Let us know your interest. You just never know. The Double O Farms may just get their line of milk based soaps started up again now that we are settling in from our move.


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