Our Farm Vision

We, Gary Oaks and wife, Dawn, began the Double O Farms in January of 2002. The vision for the farm from the beginning was in partnering directly with families. The purpose behind this vision was in our belief that people were created to support and provide for one another and not for major corporations, governmental bodies, or domineering agribusinesses.

At its start, the program had approximately 45 private owners, who partnered with the farm in promoting food produced locally and as naturally as possible. Over the years, the number of families that have partnered with us has continued to grow bringing with it a greater diversity in the various sectors of our society. We have come to realize that our passion for naturally raised food is shared by those in all walks of life, socioeconomic brackets, religious worldviews, and family structures. We feel privileged to serve each of these families.

God promised his people that He would lead them to a land flowing with milk and honey. Our God is a good God and would only desire the best for His Children. The Double O Farms believes in the superior nutritional value of milk the way God created it to be. This seems to be our family motto, “Doing things as God created them to be.”  This does not always come easy nor does it always come without sacrifice. We have seen both firsthand, but are committed that the value of all of our farm products greatly increases when there is a trusting relationship between a farmer and those he directly ministers to through his labors.

At the Double O Farms, we are committed to providing farm products that are free of growth hormones, production hormones, and steroids. A place where antibiotics are only used as a last resort and for lifesaving purposes.