Holistic Health

OaksDawnHeadshotI am not only Farmer Gary’s wife, but Dr. Dawn to many.

As Gary returned to his roots in farming in 2001, our family was also faced with some health challenges. Some fell into the area of normal childhood illnesses while others were more complex. We found it frustrating in not only not feeling well, but also in dealing with the long string of side effects that were being experienced by the prescription medications that were prescribed. In the midst of these frustrations, we felt God calling to us to trust Him once again with this new area in our lives that He wanted us to return to the way He designed things to be. What did this mean to us?  Where did we go with this call?

After much seeking, we came to the personal conclusion that we serve an omnipotent God. He is not only our Creator, but the Creator of the Universe. He knew every illness and infirmity before they ever came into existence. It became our belief and continues to be that He provided the means for our bodies to heal themselves through the use of His complete creation. He designed our bodies to heal physically through the food and herbs that He created. He designed our bodies to heal emotionally through the building of healthy relationships with those He brings into our pathways.  He designed our bodies to heal spiritually through an active pursuit of Him and a right and living relationship with Him.

This personal conviction led me to pursue my doctoral degree in naturopathic medicine. Our first goal was to apply this knowledge base in taking care of our family’s health. As the years have passed, it has become evident that so many others are seeking this same passion to return to natural ways of helping their bodies to heal. Scripture commands us to not only pray for one another, but exhorts us to take action. If we come across someone who is hungry and we have bread, we are negligent in the eyes of God to only pray for them and not provide them with food. With this new knowledge in natural health, I am now ready to fulfill a calling in using this knowledge to minister in the lives of others.

My passion is in providing coaching and direction to those that are struggling with health issues and are seeking natural means to heal their bodies. I work with clients of all ages and varying health needs. For more information about my practice, I invite you to visit the Whole Fashioned Wellness website. This will prove to be a great resource for your health needs while maintaining a biblical worldview.