A New Shelter for the Ladies – Phase 1

by Dawn Oaks on October 11, 2015 · 0 comments

As many of you are aware, our big project around the Double O Farms right now is the construction of a shelter for the cows.  The construction of this shelter will provide escape for the animals from the elements this winter.  Because it will be enclosed, the body heat from the cows will help to keep them warm as well as dry.

CowShelter Phase 1

The shelter is located just to the back of the milking facility.  This will enable us to keep the cows closer to the barn when the winter weather is extremely bad as well as closer to their water supply.  They enjoy climbing the hills in the pastures when we have rich green grasses in the Spring and Summer.  However, in the winter months when the hills are covered in snow and ice, it can become treacherous for them to find natural shelter in the tress and wooded areas of the farm.

This first phase of construction involved moving dirt so that the structure was built on a relatively flat area.  We needed to take into consideration drainage as well as the ability to be able to get into the shelter to keep it clean and sanitary when in use.  Following the leveling process, forms were constructed for the concrete work.  These concreted areas will be eventually be covered in hay or straw as bedding for the cows.  The concrete is key in being able to properly clean the floors for sanitary reasons.

We wish to thank those cowshare owners that are contributing to make this happen.  Winters are always hard on farm animals and the family that cares for them.  It is that much harder when we struggle to provide safety and warmth to them during exceptionally harsh weather. This shelter will help us to do both!

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