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Glass Bottle Program

We are proud to be able to offer glass bottles to our owners.  We are enthusiastic about this offering for a number of reasons:

  • Real milk will stay fresher and taste even better if stored in glass!!
  • You, the owners, have requested we look into these bottles and we are happy to fulfill your requests whenever possible.
  • Glass bottles that are washed and reused are much friendly for our environment.
  • With the ever increasing rise in plastics, this is our way of keeping the maintenance on your shares at a lower cost to you.

The deposit on the bottles will be $33.00 per share.  For this fee, you will have allotted to you 6 half gallon bottles.  Four of these bottles will be in rotation to bottle your milk over a two week period, while two bottles are stored at the Double O Farms to account for breakage.  You will also receive new plastic tamper resistant caps each time your milk is filled.  The bottles will be marked with your name on them.  We do not currently have sterilization units on the premises.  Therefore, you will be responsible for the washing and drying of your bottles.  This also allows for individual preferences in detergents/cleaners used on your bottles.

 Plastic Containers

For those individuals that choose not to purchase the glass bottles at this time, a plastic container fee will be added on a weekly basis for each plastic jug used. These same plastic containers are also used if an owner, who normally uses glass bottles, does not return their bottles to the farm for whatever reason.  All plastic containers are purchased from a distributor that sells the same grade plastic jugs to the major milk bottling facilities/dairies.  They do have a tamper resistant screw on cap.  Due to the porous nature of plastic, we are unable to reuse your plastic jugs.  Keep the environment healthy and reuse or recycle please!


Please note:  The Double O Farms does reserve the right at all times to package an owner’s milk in plastic if the glass bottles received by the farm from the owner are believed to not be clean.  This is to protect the owner, his family, as well as the integrity of the program.

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John Bornhorn July 7, 2015 at 5:17 PM

Gary or Dawn:
What is the best way to clean the bottles. I want to make sure they are clean. John Bornhorn


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