Christmas Calves on the Farm

by Dawn Oaks on December 27, 2014 · 0 comments

Big Debut


We are thrilled to announce the long awaited arrival of Noel and Gideon.  Noel is the daughter of Annabelle.  Gideon is the strapping young lad of Janie Lynn.  Both of these calves were born in the early morning hours on the pastures of the Double O Farms.  Noel is a second generation calf on the farm as we have raised her mother since she was born here.

Interesting Cow Facts:

  • Both Noel and Gideon are Jersey calves although their markings are distinct just as we are each unique in our features.  Noel has beautiful white markings that may or may not remain as she gets older.  In some instances, these markings will remain and at other times they disappear or fade over time.
  • Baby calves are born with a coating on their hooves that is worn off in the first few days.  The purpose of this coating is largely to protect their mothers from injury while kicking before they are born.
  • Cows have a very similar gestational cycle as human beings.  The mothers are pregnant on average of 277-283 days, but this does vary with each pregnancy.
  • The mothers can be milked through their pregnancy.  However, it is important to their health that they are allowed to go dry during the last trimester.  As a cow proceeds through her pregnancy, nutrients consumed are first given to the baby she is carrying, then to any milk that is being produced, and then to her own body.  As the calf is rapidly growing during that last trimester, it is important that any remaining nutrients go to the mother’s body.  It is for this reason that we allow our cows to “rest” for three months before calving.
  • Once born, the calves will receive colostrum from their mothers for about 3-5 days until their milk fully comes in and then will consume milk for another couple of months before weaning.  As they begin to wean, additional nutrients are obtained from grasses that they eat on the farm’s pastures.

The arrival of these little ones is truly a blessed event as we provide milk for our family and others in our community.  We are excited to report that both babies and mommas are doing well and are quite thankful that the weather has been mild in the last few days allowing them to really get off to a good start. Join us in welcoming both Noel and Gideon to the farm!

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